Liberty Deserves Great Beer, Shipmates.

It’s time for Seawolf.

The Seawolf Story

Seawolf Brewery was founded in the spirit of the U.S. military’s sea services. For nearly two and a half centuries, brave men and women have sailed over the horizon to show the flag in foreign waters, to keep the sea lanes open for trade among friendly nations, and to project power in defense of freedom. Carrying out the missions of America’s Navy and Marine Corps requires honor, courage, and commitment, and patriots from Captain John Paul Jones to Lieutenant Michael Murphy have always answered the call.

Seawolf Brewery’s beers are crafted with maritime warriors in mind. Seawolf beers are made by top brewmasters, the “tier one operators” in their field. The results of their proprietary process cover the full spectrum of beer, refreshing, bold, and adventurous. And all delicious styles are high-quality salutes to boatswain’s mates and fighter pilots, squad leaders, and fleet commanders – those who drive the ships, fix the aircraft, source the intel, patrol the villages, and fly the strikes.

Sailors have a proud tradition of working hard and playing hard. Whether it’s a few days in port or several months between deployments, time with friends is too precious to waste. Liberty deserves a great beer, shipmates. It’s time for Seawolf.